Blackthorn Music Festival

Its been a while since I last posted on the LOWrise blog, I would say I am sorry but I don’t think many people have missed me. Last Sunday, LOWrise had the pleasure of playing their first ever music festival at the beautiful and scenic Blackthorn Festival.

Blackthorn (image)

The festival is in its fourth year now. Beginning as a going away party for a university student, it has grown into an incredible coming together of exceptional musical talent, each year topping itself. Over those 4 years some great acts have graced the grassy field of Etherow country park, Stockport, varying from The Enemy, Reverend and The Makers, Clint Boon, Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club, as well as this years headliners Stereo MCs and Maximo Park.

The festival looks to showcase the exceptional unsigned talent the UK, in particular north-west, has to offer. Over the course of three days, exceptional acts graced four stages, the meadow stage, the paddock stage, the country stage and the main stage. It was the main stage LOWrise strutted their impeccable musical talents (Yes, I am very modest). It was this same stage Maximo Park would entertain an expectant crowd only a few hours later.

kashmere (band image)


Stand out performers at the festival where Kashmere, TYPES, Cabbage and No One Sun.

Kashmere a slick and cool, Stockport four piece, who left the paddock stage stunned due to their exceptional showmanship and stage presence, along with wonderful distorted sounds and upbeat indie. Cabbage provided mayhem and post punk magic for the meadow stage. While No One Sun treated listeners to a masterclass in strong song writing, terrific vocal harmonies and pin point musicianship on the main stage.

types (band image)

Image by Gary Haywood @PhotographyGaz (@ttyyppeess)

My personal highlight was TYPES, a three-piece experimental, indie, punk outfit, that wouldn’t sound out-of-place in the charts right now. Everything about this band screams out success from the unique sounds and upbeat tracks, to the cool and edgy front man and the effortlessly talented, almost disinterested guitarist. Add to that a lack of a bass player and you’ve got yourself a very good drummer. I was left for words as my mind was blown by what is certain to be stars in the making. On a side note, LOWrise has some connection to this band as the guitarist Dean, recorded our single ‘Only Forgot’ at VIBE studios.

Away from all this other talent, LOWrise played what I can only describe as our best performance to date. Opening the Sunday on the main stage, our powerful and diverse songs entertained a very enthusiastic crowd. I don’t know if it was the occasion or the setting but my performance was very energetic and left me with some very noticeable bruises, as I battered myself with my infamous drumsticks. Coming off stage we were greeted by a very friendly crowd all very complementary towards the performance LOWrise had given.


Image by Trust A Fox Photography @TrustFox

Blackthorn music festival is a credit to the unsigned music scene. It is a festival which showcases new talent, while infusing a touch class in carefully chosen established acts. It emphasis’ the importance of bands supporting bands, something that is not always the case in the unsigned scene. Bigger things await this charming independent festival and if it continues on the same trajectory, will no doubt rival the major summer music showcases. Here’s to next year Blackthorn.



Don’t hit yourself with drumsticks


Recording The New Single

Hello LOWrise peeps! If you read my previous blog a couple of weeks back, you where given a brief overview of what the band is planning to achieve before the new year. The main task was to produce a single, which we could then streamline our marketing output too.

So we recorded a single, well we tracked the single, obviously there is a bit of work that goes into it afterwards to get it sounding all pretty, but its a start guys. So on the day of Hallows eve, that’s Halloween for everyone else, we went and tracked our new single ‘Only Forgot’ at the excellent VIBE studios in Cheetham Hill ( The studio is owned by former Mock Turtles frontman Martin Coogan (If you haven’t listened to the album ‘Turtle Soup’ give it a bash, it is quality).


Let me start off by saying what a great experience it was, I have recorded 5 times in my life in varying places, but this was the best experience I have had. Dean, the lad that runs the place is a sound geezer and a very talented individual. The overall experience was pukka (Hope I don’t get sued by Jamie Oliver ;))

Our goal was to record two tracks the a-side ‘Only Forgot’ and the b-side ‘Alright’ ready to be released in everyone’s favourite month of the year… January. Obviously, I can’t play the songs to you, because what good would that do, also there is probably no one reading this so whats the point anyway (God im lonely). However, I will now try to describe the singles to you, helping you make your own tune in your head, but don’t make it to good, because we already have the tune and its better than yours :p.

‘Only Forgot’ (a-side)


The song is about the end of a relationship, where two lovers come to the realisation that the whole time together was just about sex, and acts as the final conversation the couple will ever share. The first part of the song explains the reasoning for why the relationship is ending and that even though the situation is difficult, they must move on with their lives and find that person that will love them for everything they are, and not just their exterior beauty. The second part acts as the final reflection, realising its the end while trying not to blame themselves as they still are attracted to the other person, but they know that this made up love they had felt from the passionate sex they where having has fizzled out and if they did not move on now, they would be living a lie.

The music follows this same pattern going from a mellow tune at the start, to erupting at the end signifying the anger and sense of loss everyone feels when they break up with someone. It also keeps lust at its core, with the mellow beginning acting as the foreplay and the heavy ending as the climax. There is a huge ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ feel to the song, taking a light/dark approach to the song structure.

‘Alright‘ (b-side)

Everyone has that feeling of loneliness and that point in their life when they reflect and take note of their failings and successes. The song follows a man, that has just been told that he is dying, he has not told any of his loved ones as he is still in a state of shock. The lyrics follow him as he cannot sleep and is lying next to his girlfriend, reminiscing over his life and no matter how lonely or bitter he should feel he is surrounded by incredible people, who will be with him no matter what, as they have been in the past.

The song captures that confidence he currently feels. It begins quite nervy as he is still in a state of shock, until he realises he is not beaten yet and with the right attitude can beat this illness. With the love and support network around him, he has the confidence to tell them he is dying, but he can beat it and wont let this illness dampen his spirits. The song has a very ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ feel, with that ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude (Whoops shouldn’t swear.)


So there is a brief run down of what the songs are about, but you will have to wait till January to hear them. Trust me they are really good, i’ve not got bored of them yet and i’ve heard them about 100 times now, so that’s a good sign.
Until the next post guys, stay classy!

Adam ‘The Sheep’ Mc Donnell

A New Chapter


To all my long-term readers, and I know there’s a lot ;), I am sorry for not posting regularly. I know you wait with bated breath for my blog entries, and I let you down #Sorry. The truth is though i’ve not had much to talk about, other than our e.p launch at Gulliver’s, in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, which I will proceed to do.

On July 24th, we launched our e.p ‘One Step Closer To You’ and used the Gulliver’s gig as the platform to distribute physical copies of our incredible songs (I may be a bit biased). The night was very successful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came down, you know who you are! The e.p was a testament to all the hard work we had put in since the bands formation, from the amazing production Phil did on the songs, to the artwork Angus created, all climaxing with a great performance in front of a great crowd. It is an experience I will treasure forever and I am sure the band feels the same. It is the highlight of my time in the band, well that and me growing my hair to look like a sheep.

11221978_386048921586877_2825007808346209909_o                             11412135_383831838475252_5996302518262460256_n                             EP Back border

However, since then we have not been up to much. After the e.p launch we took a little time away from music, to regroup and bring new ideas to the fold. We wanted to step away from our previous songs and begin to create and hone a new sound, introducing an electro element, through synths, while making more upbeat songs, which people could dance too and not feel like crying or punching someone in the face. So we took the whole of August off, which lead to us finding it difficult to get back into a rhythm. Once we found where everyone was hiding, we made the decision to raise the bands profile, through introducing a band website, along with a YouTube channel and stronger social media output. We would do this through a brand new single.

11057959_1156272974389076_2101029220631591128_nCurrently, we fail in the social media aspect of the band, we don’t have a clear image, If you look for our Instagram and YouTube channels, you will find none, so don’t bother. This means we have no band photos as well as no website to link all the social media together. This is definitely holding us back, we know we are very capable musicians and the music we produce is strong, but I think with any band, image is half the battle. If you can create a unique look and branding for the band, listeners can quickly connect and relate to what you are selling, as people like to see what they’re buying into.

With this firmly in our thoughts, well the only thing in my thoughts, because my head is emptier than a house dustbin just after the bin men have come round, we set about writing a single, which we will then tailor our media output too. In the beginning we where thinking to big, which in turn made us less productive as we could not find the time or resources to put our ideas into reality. We thought if we could create a single, we could then use the emotion and overall story arc of that song to create an image and overall theme for the band at this moment in time. Our photos would be tailored to the theme, as well as are twitter and Facebook feeds. We can also create music videos for the a-side and b-side, to kick-start our YouTube channel and allow the public to see us as a band to connect on a more personal level.

Our goals for the coming months will be to create a radio worthy single, with connected art work, which will be distributed through a band website and other social media platforms, all interlinked and easy to view for the public. The aim will be to have the single produced for January 2016, with accompanying band images, website, music video and social media portfolio created throughout November and December.

11745502_1156272247722482_2297824609512696151_nDuring this period, gigging will take a back seat to allow full concentration on these aspects. We came to the decision that we will never be a band that can gig every night and slowly build a following, as we don’t have the time due to other commitments. This was the method we initially set out with, but we where not getting the attention we wanted, and why should we, when no one knows who we are or where they can find our music. This is not to say we do not love gigging, ultimately that is the best part of being in a band. Getting the buzz from the crowd, well 4 people in the room, (1 of them being my dad) meeting new bands, while playing the songs you have created, with all the little mistakes and stage jitters you have, like instantly forgetting the pace of your own song, making it a minute shorter because you are playing it so fast. For the time being we will concentrate on creating a band profile, which in turn will draw attention to our gigs and hopefully bring more people to them, where I can stage dive, I better get some swimming trunks (aye… see what I did there, I know your laughing).

I hope you can all follow LOWrise’s journey, in becoming a band, AGAIN! Recording and promoting a new single, while slowly creating a marketing plan that will grab all you good, good people’s attention. These entries will be more regularly and if they are not we have failed, so feel free to laugh and call me horrible names, like ‘pot noodle head’ or ‘ol’ McDonald’ eventhough my name is Mc Donnell! :(. Also if anyone wants to get involved in helping create a website or music video, feel free we need all the help we can get, please I’ll buy you a curly whirly.

Till next time, probably next year ;), see you soon.

Adam ‘The Sheep’ Mc Donnell X



Guess who’s back. Back again… For my weekly blog entry of the development of my band ‘Lowrise.’ I have to admit, this entry contains some bad news so keep those tissues handy and get ready to open your arms, because i’m coming in for the biggest hug EVER!

Last week I told you we had a gig at the Thirsty Scholar, however due to a mix up in the stage times we unfortunately could not fulfil the gig. This stuff happens, obviously you don’t want it to happen regularly, but you can’t avoid it and when it does you have to deal with it, because if your good enough (which we our) more gigs will come and opportunities will fall into our lap.

Sooooo, no gig for January, and all our efforts will be placed into The Roadhouse gig on the 6th February, which I can not wait for. This will now become our first gig of the year and everything I have will go into it, even my neighbours cat, God I love that cat.  

What this experience has taught me, is that I want a career in the music industry more than anything, even if it is not making the music, I want to be part of the industry some how. However, to be part of this industry you have to be ready to take the lows and the competitive nature it has to offer. It was a disappointment not to play, but its important to brush that disappointment off and prepare for the next venture the band undertakes, and I am fully confident that will be many, many more.

On a much happier note, we have now set achievable goals for the band to achieve over the coming year and it would be even better if everyone reading this helped with the development of these goals. My intention for this blog is to make a community, where everyone gets involved and shapes the development of ‘Lowrise.’ It would be nice to get your opinions on band art, photos, videos and ultimately music. 

So as a reference point here is the list of goals we wish to meet, before the end of the year:

  • Ep cover decided/designed
  • Mixes finished for Ep
  • Ep distributed to smaller label
  • Band logo decided
  • Band banner made
  • Record a ‘Lo-fi’ video for a song off the Ep
  • Reach 200 likes on Facebook (If you haven’t done so –
  • Play a festival

Over the next couple of months, we will be ticking these off and ultimately developing into the Worlds biggest band (WHAT! It can happen… DREAMS come true… SOMETIMES!)

Till next week,

Stay fresh.


The first *Facepalm*


So it is the 11th and your probably all thinking, where has the other 10 days gone and what happened to this daily account of ‘Lowrise?’ Well I lead a very rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle (Sex, drugs and sausage rolls), it most definitely is not because I am lazy.

However, I have made my first mistake, only 4 days into my blogging journey *FACEPALM.* I said I would be posting a daily account, which would be stupid and pretty boring as the band is not active on a daily basis. Some days I have to sell my soul to the World of retail to pay the bills. Only joking I love my job and never want to leave (Please God, make music work!) So I will now do a weekly update, highlighting our activity and rehearsals. Every Saturday I will post a new entry, WAIT! Saturday I have work and i’ll be to busy… Every Sunday, I will post a new entry, and if I don’t its safe to presume i’m dead and you should quickly move on and have a good life.

I also promise there will be a structure to this blog, I generally can be organised as long as I get my weetabix in the morning, but have you seen the price of weetabix lately? OUTRAGEOUS!

So lets get on with it, and I will tell you what ‘LOWRISE’ has been up to this week.

Securing Gigs

The first task needed to be completed was securing gigs, because you know, we want our music to be heard. Surprisingly, this has not been to difficult, as we have had the luxury of people approaching us to perform. Obviously this is not always gonna be the case, but while its happening, it feels fantastic. A real confidence boost and ultimately confidence is huge in this profession. If you believe, people believe and when people believe, your music improves as you know it is wanted.


Originally, we where offered a gig at Kraak Gallery, by a friend of myself in an excellent band called President Ray-Gun (Check them out at Sadly, another member of the Ray-Gun had promised the slot to another band and we missed out. However, I mentioned this to just bring to everyones attention the importance of connections. It is important for an unsigned band to create friendships and help each other out. So when starting a band, make sure you attend local shows and acoustic nights and mingle with the bands. It can be very easy to hire a venue and put on your own show and it can be even easier with a couple of bands to help. You then not only share the cost, but have the opportunity to tap into their fan base, in turn adding to yours.

Moving on from this we where able to secure some gigs (Thank fook for that!) I hope to see you all at them, other wise I will track you down and force you to hold an ice lolly with no stick, in this weather. Not only will it be freezing, your hand will get really sticky… YEAH, STICKY!

Our first gig of the year is at the, very lovely, Thirsty Scholar on 50 New Wakefield Street (M1 5NP). The event will be on the 22nd January and is free entry (Which makes playing so much easier!) We where offered the gig by Nathan Barratt, an absolute legend, who liked our music and gave us a gig, simples. This gig highlights the power of social media, and how it widens the chances of your music getting to the correct peoples ears.


Along with this, ‘Lowrise’ will be playing The Roadhouse, probably one of the best venues in Manchester. This gig is on the 6th February and was given to us by Dusty Pop promotions, however we are required to sell tickets, which does add pressure on the band. When you have to sell tickets, it means you lose time on rehearsal and that when you play it has to be perfect, to warrant the money the fans parted with (We’re awesome though, so anyone who buys a ticket is getting a bargain!)

These are two awesome gigs and a great way to start the year off. They also provide the opportunity for further gigs through Dusty Pop promotions, obviously if we perform the way we know we can.

New Songs

The second task, we set ourselves for the end of January, was expanding are song catalogue. As individuals we have many songs, but we now need to take the time to ‘LOWRISE’ them and integrate them into the set. Over the next few rehearsals we will be working on new songs, and I will do my best to involve them into my entries to let you have a listen and maybe provide feedback. This week in rehearsal we worked on a very cool, balearic track, created by the even cooler Angus (Guitar). We also worked on a track written by Phil (Bass) called ‘The Opportunist,’ I have also included a snippet of me singing the verse and chorus, acapella, so tell me what you think ( Obviously, the songs will form organically and will take a couple more rehearsals before they are fully fleshed out. However, as they sound now, they have the basic song structure as well as all the right chords (But we may not be playing the chords in the right places yet?)


The final task we set this month is taking some decent band photos. Ultimately, it is important to see what you are following and we have tried to take as many photos as we can. However, we our at the stage where we need more professional and stylish band photos. We want some strong images of each member of the band, as well as our upcoming gigs, so that the ladies can see how good looking we are, am I right Angus and Joe? (They’re married, they get the joke!) Coming back to connections, there is a few people we know who could help us out, but if anyone reading this feels like they want to follow us around for a bit and take some pictures that would be cool. We do not mind being guinea pigs for any art projects or photography projects, but none of this Human Centipede shit. Porno’s though?


We are also looking to finalise a band logo, which I will probably do an entry on to try and get some feedback. It would be awesome to get your opinions, and hopefully help when choosing the final design.

And that is it for this week, Its been pretty productive, but hopefully by the 1st of February I will be telling you that we have more songs in the set, that we killed the Thirsty Scholar gig, that we got some very sexy band photos and that we have finalised our logo and got a banner to put behind us on stage when we our given everyone eargasms and eyejaculations.

Till the next entry my friends.

Keep listening.


Who the Bloody Hell is LOWRISE?


So the only logical place to start is telling everyone about the band, because you can’t connect, if you don’t know who we are. Its important to remember when you are reading this, think eHarmony, because I am going to attempt to the woo the pants off you, so that you love my band (Could I sound any creepier?)

Hopefully, by the end of this entry, you will know who LOWRISE is and what we want to achieve. I will be so descriptive you will be inviting us round for Sunday lunch, to meet the parents and talking about how this band has changed your life and that your gonna love us till the end of time. However, I am a very poor writer, so you could end up more clueless by the time you have read this!

Shall we get on with it?

Firstly, ‘LOWRISE’ is a 5 piece, which currently takes residence in Manchester. There was a brief time we where from Stockport, but thats for another blog. Although, we rehearse and met in Manchester, we are only 3/5 Mancunian, as Angus (Guitar) is originally from a country no one has heard of, I think its called Scotland? (Me neither) and Phil (Bass) is originally from Shropshire (But its the Midlands, I don’t care what you say!) 

The word ‘LOWRISE’ actually has a cool meaning. It is an oxymoron, you know what William Shakespeare was all about, a contradictory term, however we got the name from Angus, who got it from the American show ‘The Wire’ and it is something to do with crack dens? It sounds cool though.

Ultimately, ‘LOWRISE’s’ aim is to challenge the current music scene. It would be arrogant to say, we are different and we hate the stuff that is out there now, but we really don’t. As a band we want to create our own sound, adding to some of the amazing talent that is on the market now. I think my personal aim is not to be hugely successful, but be a band that inspires future generations, someone that is referred to as a major reason for starting a band. Look at Sonic Youth (a big interest to the band), maybe not the most commercially successful, but a reason many individuals picked up a guitar. That is what we want to achieve, obviously I want money, so give me your money, when I ask for it!

The ‘LOWRISE’ sound is very alternative, we have a range of different elements from indie, 80’s rock, punk and even Jazz and hip hop. However, we do have a unique ability to always find our own sound, the ‘LOWRISE’ sound, with jangly guitar riffs, smooth bass lines and driving drums. Plus I sing like a cat being strangled, so you ain’t mistaken me! As a unit we come together very well, even if we are not the greatest musically (apart from Phil, who is a genius when it comes to music and production, apparently?) We are able to perform together, which is the most important thing when creating a band. Do you gel with the other members? It is important to create a feel, a friendship, an understanding, which ‘LOWRISE’ has. You could play every note correctly, in perfect time, but if you don’t create your own feel, then what sets you apart from the other bands in the industry? However, don’t just read this, go and listen to us (

It is also important to understand, that whenever we write a song we write it to be played live. ‘LOWRISE’ wants to be remembered as a great live band, one that you remember and recount long after watching one of our shows. I am not saying we hate social media (What am I doing right now?) In fact it is a major element to any bands success these days. However, it could be argued that many of todays artists care more about this element than the actual music, it is more important for them to get a 1000 followers on twitter, rather than practice a song a 1000 times and what good is that. You need to be able to play the songs you are promoting, before getting the strangers to listen.

Our goal is to let fans find us. We want the process to be organic, by enjoying playing the gigs and interacting with the crowd, who will then, in turn, continue to listen to us and tell their friends. The industry has become so fixated on single sales, that albums and essentially live music have suffered. Gone are the days of bringing home an album and listening to every song from start to finish or getting excited to see a new band down the local working mans club. Without sounding arrogant ‘LOWRISE’ cares more about the music, I am not saying other bands don’t, but I would rather play fantastic to no one in a rehearsal room, than terrible to a crowd who only came because they want to follow the hype.

But enough about what our vision is! You want to know the band and why these university educated, sexy, funny, suave individuals want to be in music. (Did I big us up enough? I don’t think I did…. We also have big penises!)

What I will do is take each member individually and just give a brief run down of what they do and why they are so important to the band.


Joseph Taylor (Guitar/Lyrics) – He is what makes the band tick and ensures we’re all moving in the same direction, if not, I would not turn up to any gigs, but be stud in the middle of a field singing to some cows. Without Joe ‘Lowrise’ might not have been or at the very least not been the incredible force it is now. His style of play is very jangly, almost Johnny Marr esque and he is the driving force in the introduction of a electronic element into the band (Everyone loves a bit of synth, its him on Of You, Of Me).


Angus Cameron (Guitar/Lyrics) – Without Angus, I would not get my porridge oats and ultimately there would be no band, because I cant go on stage without my oats. The coolest man on the planet, other than William Shatner. The man can melt your face off one minute, with a tasty guitar lick and then make you cry like a baby in the corner with a soft, melody. Angus is very passionate about music and it comes across. He has a wide and varied range of musical interest, which aides the band as he looks to add more dimension to the ‘LOWRISE’ sound. I still don’t understand a word he says though.


Dare Ade..Adey?… Dare (Drums/Vocals) – The guy bangs the drums, he ain’t all that! Only joking… Dare is the real deal, setting us apart from any other band. He really is the heart BEAT (Drum reference, haha) of ‘LOWRISE,’ driving us forward and crafting the ‘LOWRISE’ sound. He also knows how to say a lot of words really fast, which is called rapping, which gives the band a new element and edge. Not only that, come on girls, he’s a good looking guy (Don’t get any ideas Dare). The man is the SH… (Wait! Can I swear on this?) He is the poop, an absolute privilege to work with and call a friend.


Phil Leech (Bass/Lyrics) – This guy is the brains of the band and the only one who knows anything theoretically about music, he has a piece of paper to prove it. Not only does he play a mean bass, he just knows how to apply his fingers to anything (That sounds quite rude!!!), but its true, he’s full of surprises. (He’s also from Shropshire… I tried to make a joke, I even googled it… But I couldn’t… lets move on).


Adam Mc Donnell (Singer *Debatable*/Lyrics) – What can I say about me? I am the luckiest man around. Most of the time i’m surprised I remember what my name is, never mind singing a load of lyrics which resinate with an audience, and don’t get me started on singing in tune. I just try to look good on stage, but its really difficult when I look like an ogre. Even my own mother tells me to take the family photos, so she doesn’t have to explain why shrek got into the house. I do tell a mean joke though… What do you call a train full of toffee? A chew chew train… You can have that one for free.

So there we have the band, obviously its only a brief summary, you can always come to one of our gigs and talk to us personally, I’m single by the way ladies, you may love me, ahah. OH and we have a gig at The Roadhouse on Friday 6th February, you should come down and find out more about the band, we don’t bite…. Hard! (Back to being creepy)


The Birth of LOWRISE


This is the first blog of what I hope to be a long and fruitful documentation of the development of a new unsigned band in 2015. The idea of the blog is to provide readers with a look at how a band looks to forge a career into todays music industry. Along the way you will see our struggles, mistakes and hopefully many positive and enjoyable times, which can be looked upon in the future, when ‘LOWRISE’ is the biggest selling artist in the World.

Now technically im not starting at the beginning of the band process. As a complete band, we have been formed for 3 months, playing two gigs at the Manchester venues (Night and Day & Factory 251). We also have a demo E.P, containing 5 songs, which can be heard at This E.P was recorded for £500 at Sunshine Studios in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. However, this journey follows our first calendar year together, which we hope will go further (PLEASE God… Let it be further!)

As a band we will make many mistakes, so many that we will have you *Facepalming* yourself so much, you could break your nose (You can’t sue us, I checked). However, that is mainly the point of this blog, it would be boring if this was a perfect journey, but everyone loves a ‘fail’ and hopefully, many of you can interact with me and help find the best solution for future reference. Or even for other unsigned bands to avoid in their journeys.

My intention is to create a community, where people can share and provide their ideas to create and promote the perfect band. Although ‘LOWRISE’ will make the music, we want the World to feel they have developed the band, ensuring they are part of the ‘LOWRISE’ family, but your not (LOWRISER’s) that’s to One Directionery!

So without further ado, this is the beginning of the documentation, of the life and times of a new band called ‘LOWRISE!’ That was a mouthful.